Microsoft Acquires GreenButton

Wow, it’s been such a crazy last few weeks I only just now considered I should post an update to my blog!

Today we announced that Microsoft has acquired GreenButton. This is incredibly exciting for myself and my team. It’s been an immense 4.5 years growing the company from 3 people to 30, opening our office in Silicon Valley and working with amazing customers such as Pixar, Boeing and NASA.

Microsoft have always been such an amazing supporter of our business and a huge amount of fun to work with. Our vision has been shared by Microsoft from the start and that’s to bring the power of high performance computing (HPC) to the masses. Whether it’s for curing disease, designing new products, discovering oil or rendering the next block buster film, this can all be attained by the smallest companies, allowing them to compete with the largest in their industry. The power of cloud computing makes this possible. It just needs to be harnessed and made easily accessible and this is where our technology comes in.

I’ve blogged before about Why Windows Azure and the exciting new HPC platform Azure now has available for running hardcore HPC workloads. Combine this with the ease of use and elegance of GreenButton and it’s clear to see why this acquisition makes so much sense.

With Satya Nadella at the helm and Scott Guthrie heading up Cloud & Enterprise, there will be a strong focus on continued innovation in this space and you can expect to see plenty of amazing things come out of Azure! It’s really exciting for the industry as a whole.

Our entire NZ based engineering team will be coming over with the deal and I will be taking on the role of Principal Development Manager for Azure HPC & Big Compute in NZ. We’re all fizzing at the opportunities and the exciting road ahead and really look forward to exploiting GreenButton and Microsoft Azure to enable a much larger number of customers to do amazing things with the cloud.

A huge thanks to my amazing team of talented engineers – they’re the ones who made this possible. The Microsoft leaders who traveled to NZ to interview them were extremely impressed at the quality of our team!

Lastly, a big thanks to Scott Houston, our inspirational founder and leader. It’s incredibly rewarding to achieve this result for someone who has dedicated 10 years of their life and personally sacrificed so much for our vision.

Stay tuned for more awesome from Microsoft Azure & GreenButton!

Here are a few of the articles on the announcement:

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